Our first project

The first project for Heart for Mission will be the building of an Early Years Education Centre, extending into a primary and secondary school, with the Holy Trinity Community in Masaka, Uganda.

School is not just a building for learning; it is an atmosphere for growing. Children in Africa have suffered through many hardships such as war, disease and poverty. Our hope as a community is to build a school that provides quality education, a loving environment, and strong Christian values. We will care for children who may otherwise be neglected. We will teach children the way they should go so as they mature, they will know what path to follow. We will welcome parents and guardians to be involved in their children’s formation so they may understand the value of their responsibility.In a stimulating and uplifting classroom setting with supportive resources and dedicated teachers, our students will be encouraged to reach their full potential, learn and grow with confidence in who they are as individuals and become active contributors to their country and the world.